Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley


The galleries and its content were certainly an interesting sight to behold. For my first artist interview, I chose to interview the artist Maccabee Shelley of the Gatov West gallery. I chose him because I felt his work to be exceptionally interesting because of how unorthodox it is. This is because I traditionally imagine art to be paintings and drawings. However, Shelley’s unique work destroys all of my previous perceptions and expands it to new levels. I felt enlightened by experiencing his work that entails a newer side of what I previously considered as art.

What makes Shelley’s work so different is that he works with fire and glass as his canvas. Its not as simple as a traditional painting where you just pick up or put down a paintbrush. Shelley’s work involves cutting, polishing, and refining due to the delicate glass materials he use. Furthermore, I was captivated when he mentioned that most of his work is very spontaneous and/or incidental due to how unpredictable his art process is. This means that most of his creations did not turn out how he initially wanted it to be but he loves it all the same. He also prefers to avoid working consciously because he relies on intuition and believes that the cognitive part of the brain is stupid. I truly believe that embodies art at its true core, when you don’t care as much mentally but take the world in emotionally. For this reason, I agree with his beliefs.


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