Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Christian Park

20150129_114302[1]For my very first classmate interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing my fellow classmate Christian Park. Like me, he felt very intrigued by the various art on display. We talked about the setting of the galleries and how that can affect the image of the galleries’ location, such as the surroundings filled with trees and vegetation with slabs of rocks as chairs. This does a great job of bringing out the uniqueness of the art department and how they express themselves to explore or challenge traditional societal norms. I felt his interest towards how artists execute their works of art in various different ways.

Christian found it amazing how creative an artist’s work in the gallery was and how easily he could express with so much freedom that art allows. We thought about how the artist basically grabbed garbage and made it colorful. I further inquired him what art was to him and he replied that art is just creation, whether it is expression or natural. I agree with him because of all the flexibility art has in its boundaries and how easily we can all appreciate it. Furthermore, I found out that his favorite gallery of this week was Max L. Gatov Gallery East. We both had a fun time.


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