Wk 3 – Activity – Instagram

Screenshot_2015-02-08-23-17-29[1] Screenshot_2015-02-08-23-14-05[1] Screenshot_2015-02-08-23-14-15[1]

Our different lives are all over the place. Its so erratic yet at the same time, it can be so similar too. My point is that for this week’s Instagram group selfie project activity, there is no definitive answer on whether all our lives are connected or disconnected. It’s so varied yet so similar all at the same time. With so many people that are from different backgrounds in this class, it is very easy to distinguish our contrasting lives. However, I am confident that I am bound to find someone else whose life is related to mine. Luckily, that is something I have been able to achieve.

On the top of this post, I have included three pictures to prove my point. The salad on the left is mine whereas the other two pictures are from other classmates of mine. For lives that at least bear a similarity to mine, I have found a picture of chicken and waffles which corresponds to my picture of a salad showing that both of us chose to show us having meals in our daily lives. We all have meals of course, but this is a similarity nonetheless. As for differences, the picture on the right shows a classmate partying in a club. I did nothing even close to this type of activity on that day which shows how much my life can contrast with that of another classmate of mine. I believe that there is no right or wrong answer on whether all our lives are connected or not. We are all so different that there is no set way of comparing all of us together. What we can only do is to just explore and appreciate each others’ beautiful lives.


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