Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak


This week’s galleries of art are just as beautiful and interesting as those of the week before and I know it will continue to be so. For this week’s artist interview, I chose to do it on the artist Yireh Elaine Kwak. Her works were part of a collaboration between her and her partner Maryann Gonzalez, who was not present during the exhibition. The art on display was beautiful and interesting to say the least. Their works were focused on the theme of the tense relationship between nature and the urban environment. I personally loved that concept because of how fascinating it was to me to combine two such different things. I felt like this type of work was a great example of art by how it combines various things into a creative blend. It made me truly believe the bounds of art are limitless.

Specifically, their art explores the conflict between the forces of urban development and nature. They try to show how nature always react to how humanity treats it and I agree that we aren’t doing a very good job of taking care of our planet. At the top of this post is a piece of art I felt was especially intriguing. It seems to depict numerous rearview car mirrors racing down some sort of highway, somehow resembling or representing cars. My interpretation of this work is that the black and white setup along with the huge growing crack on the road could symbolize the grim, bleak, and destructive future that this urban lifestyle holds. However, I love how some color starts to spring out from the middle of the painting which seems to convey the central meaning of this work. The color could represent nature and how only its emergence could transform the world into something beautiful by giving the cityscape a range of color instead of the dull black and white original. Nature and technology may be an endless battle, but art can make it a beautiful one.


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