Wk 3 – Classmate Interview – Adam Price


For my second classmate interview, I talked about the art presented in the campus galleries and art in general with my classmate Adam Price. He is an engineering major who says he is intrigued by his major but finds it very busy with all the work. I found it very interesting how he told me about how he tries to connect engineering with art. With engineering, the goal is to make something functional yet Adam tries to take it a step forward by trying to make it aesthetically pleasing as well, thereby fusing his major engineering with art. That was very cool to hear that two seemingly different subjects could be combined to make something better in ways never imagined.

Adam was fun to talk to. I further found out that he already had some roots in art since he took art classes when he was young. This is partially the reason why he appreciates and enjoys art today. Regarding art preference, Adam does not have a specific preference but stated that he likes to try new things, saying that he liked the spray paint activity last week. Being an engineer, I would think you need to like to try new things and have a creative mind. On top of that, Adam also likes math and science. He likes the art class because of the big variety of activities and different stuff we partake in. Adam’s favorite gallery was Gatov West.


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