Wk 4 – Activity – The Mina Show


The core idea of the Mina Show is to do something that to me is out of the ordinary to get out of my comfort zone and recording it to share with my classmates. That is what I tried to emulate with the two pictures I took of my adventures over the weekend on the top of this post. The photo on the left shows me with a snake crawling around on me when I visited the reptile exhibit in the Hall of Science building with friends. I am the type of guy that is too scared to go near a spider so this was a challenge for me, though for some reason snakes are not nearly as scary as spiders are. However, I still needed confirmation from the supervisor that the snake won’t attack before I could embark on this feat. Nonetheless, it was a great and fun experience that I was glad to have pushed my boundaries a bit.

On another night, the picture on the right documented another instance of a Mina Show for me. This second experience shows me and a good friend of mine sitting on a parked campus cart late at night on-campus. The background to this is that many of my good friends in my dorm and I decided to explore the campus late into the night to run around and have a good time. We stumbled upon a parked cart and decided to sit in it and take a picture as a memory to keep of this night. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to come to tell us to get off or to catch us but I just seemed to let go and put all my worries away to just have some fun. I realized that the best way to relax from stress is to just enjoy what I can make of in the present. It may not seem like much, but I am very proud of my Mina Show.


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