Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Makaila Palmer


My art class’ 4th week’s artist interview was that of the talented Makaila Palmer. She has a partner named Rachel but she wasn’t present due to having to take an exam. Like many previous artists, I found her work unique in her own way. It had a beautiful and vibrant demeanor that to me shows it took lots of effort and insight. Much of her work on display was an inspiration from her going abroad trip to Florence for 4 months last fall. For this reason, much or possibly all of her work stems from personal memories that inspire and compel her creativity.

Makaila’s work has structure and organization yet blends a feel of disorder and chaos. I feel like this is clearly shown through the color palette she uses and the lines and contours that shape the art. It is interesting to note that the various colors she use in the work are only the colors present on the Euro bills currency. Her works deal with “memoryscapes”, where the work piece is divided into two portions, usually top and bottom, where the top portion shows that of the actual location and the bottom location showing her memories and mental snapshots of the same location. This leads to a dynamic blend of reality and visualizations that serve as windows into our minds. To Mikaila, the definition of a “memoryscape” is the combining of multiple memories into one space. Playing around with landscapes in her works separates them from other types of art.


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