Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco


For my week 5 artist interview of my art class, I had the pleasure of experiencing the art works of Dianna Franco. She has been exposed to art since she was 3 years old through simple drawings and doodles. However, her formal full-fledged paintings haven’t sprung to life until she started at the age of 20. Dianna’s works deal with the relationships between nature and civilizations from a scientific and psychological standpoint. This exploration of this delicate relationship reminds me about much of Elaine’s work from my artist’s interview back in week 3. I drew numerous similarities between their related concepts of nature vs. civilization. I thought Dianna’s works were just as interesting because of how relevant the theme is to our real world crisis.

I found it very interesting that Dianna does not name her art pieces. When asked why, she explained that this is so viewers can look at the art and develop their own thoughts and derive their own personal psychological values without there being a name to interfere and hinder that process. Dianna initially tried to “blend” nature and civilization but now tries to express a harmony between the two instead. I think artists like Dianna are very interesting because of such transformations they go through over their career. They rarely stay the same. She thinks her works are classified as hybrid with a bit of representation in them. All the same, her works are beautiful to me.


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