Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Kyle Dinsmore


This week, my classmate interview was that of Kyle Dinsmore. He went to Fountain Valley High School which means he lives relatively close to campus. Kyle is currently a business major but has shared that he applied to college as undeclared because he was not too sure what he wants to get into in life yet. Kyle has also shared about his aspirations to be a professional basketball player when he was young. However now that he is older, he has apparently given up on that dream because of his lack of height. Currently, he wishes to be a hotel manager as a career. Such thoughts struck me as thinking how creative and imaginative Kyle is in his daily life.

With all the choices in life and future, Kyle simply values a job that pays well and travels just like the majority of other people. His hobbies consist of basketball and collecting autographs. That sounded very interesting to me because that is a very unique hobby I don’t hear about a lot of. It makes me wonder how many autographs of famous people he’s collected already. Regarding his exposure to art, he would draw to recreate pictures when he was young. That means Kyle would never really create his own works. Kyle later stated that he was never big on art because his interest was more on the subjects of sports and math. Lastly, Kyle took this art class because of the art requirement but still thinks its a very fun class.


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