Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


My artist interview for my sixth week of art class was that of the talented Alanna Marcelletti. Her works deal with and express the scrambled experiences of womanhood. This ranges from gender roles to pursuing career goals to motherhood. Alanna states that she is interested in bold sculptures as well. She loves art because of the flexibility it provides and that the best part is being able to play around with ideas and equipment. I was especially intrigued about how specific her theme was. Art can be freely manipulated yet it takes a creative mind and great imagination to utilize it to its full potential. I feel like that is what Alanna achieved because of how incredible it is to carry art into societal issues such as womanhood and gender roles. It really shows how dynamic and expressive art can be. This shows how open art works are to interpretation however you like.

However, I have learned that Alanna hasn’t always been doing art. She didn’t focus on it in high school but has always been interested in it. Alanna stated that she could spend days doing art because she loves what she does. Her works aim to let viewers know the narrative of the painting, its aspect of feminism, and its identity from the viewing. Additionally, it doesn’t take much for her to get started on a work. Alanna often feels inspired by an idea and just goes along with it until it becomes an end product. Her advice to other artists are to always experiment and to have fun with all that you do and set out to accomplish. Feels good to see that art like hers is setting out to spread a positive influence. Alanna graduates this May.


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