Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Benjamin Lee


For my classmate interview of my sixth week of art class, I luckily found a classmate who bears many similarities to me. His name is Benjamin Lee, meaning we both share the same first name Benjamin. I was surprised to find out about this because Benjamin is not a common name. It’s hard to find a Benjamin out there in public let alone finding one right in my art class. Another similarity we share is that Benjamin is from Arcadia, CA which is where I was from before I moved to West Covina. He attended Arcadia High School, a high school I am familiar with and would’ve went on to attend. Additionally, he plays a computer game called League of Legends, which I like to play as well. I was able to connect with him much better than the other classmates I have interviewed previously because of our similar backgrounds and interests. We had a lot to talk about which made me glad because it destroyed any awkwardness.

Aside from similarities, Benjamin is a 2nd year computer engineering major. It was great to hear that he genuinely enjoys his major because he really likes computers. He has been using them and have been exposed to computers since a young age. Benjamin’s passion for his major makes me wonder if I have the same amount of love for my own major. Nonetheless, it was great to see someone who loves what they are learning and possibly making a career out of it. His hobbies include video games such as League of Legends, basketball, and anime and manga. Benjamin states that he likes to view art and enjoys the art but ultimately took the class to fill an elective. However, he has taken art classes when he was young so art is no stranger.


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