Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo


For this week’s artist, I experienced something that is a very different and radical use of art yet conveys a heartwarming feel. To begin, the work of this artist is not something I personally consider “traditional art” like previously such as drawings, paintings, etc. – it is of photography. The artist, Juliette Angulo, deals with photos that she personally took herself of her sister in the U.S. Air Force over a two year span. This ranges from the time her sister was back in basic training to her recent departure last November to a nine-month deployment to Kuwait. I suddenly felt how distinctive her works are from previous exhibits as her works deal with real life photos instead of abstract and representational paintings. To me, there was no more interpretation or thinking, these photos get straight to the point and show it as it is. For Juliette’s work to also be considered art intrigued me immensely. However, it didn’t stop there.

Juliette’s work is a connection to her sister that makes it very personal to her. Her sister works on the infamous Apache attack helicopters, which I couldn’t help but start thinking how cool she was after I heard it. Additionally, the photos were placed and arranged in a chronological order of the pictures taken of the events that happened around the room. I feel like that was a nicely executed idea because it clearly presents the feel of a coherent timeline of the events taken place to the viewers. But without a doubt the most distinctive feature of her photos are that though all of them shown are of her sister, she never actually appears on the photos. This is because of an ingenious idea where only her sister is cut out of each and every photo shown leaving a blank space showing the wall instead of where her sister should be appearing. Juliette did this to creatively and cleverly represent and express her sister’s absence from home for long periods of time in real life due to her military service. That was truly something I have never experienced before.


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