Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Jeremy Lai


I had the pleasure of interviewing an international student named Jeremy Lai this week. I have never done such a thing and it felt incredible to hear about what he had to say about his culture half a world away. Jeremy is from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I discovered that he came to the U.S. back in August of last year for the first time to begin attending Cal State Long Beach. Jeremy is a pre-film major because he aspires to make movies and documentaries as his career. He made it very clear how passionate he was of film and photography without even having to tell me too much about it. His enthusiastic body language when talking about the topic said it all, including the way he cradled his camera that I can safely guess never leaves his side. Seeing such a person with a firm passion never fails to inspire me to do what I love to do as well. Aside from taking pictures and recording videos, he also loved to write stories. But as Jeremy so eloquently stated, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

When young, Jeremy started out as a photographer first. He was greatly inspired by his dad to capture the world in images rather than words alone when he handed Jeremy his first camera. From then on, Jeremy found work as an apprentice at a photo studio for a couple of years which greatly honed his skills. His progression into his passion was gradual but meaningful. He makes me wish I had such a passion that I was so dedicated to. However, Jeremy enjoys playing video games as well. Regarding the class, Jeremy took the class because of a requirement but thinks it is fun and different and enjoys the time spent. Jeremy is a third year.


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