Wk 7 – Activity – Portrait Photography


This week’s activity for my art class requires the use of a very modern form of art – photography. But this isn’t just any photo, it has to be one of me portraying some sort of imaginative death for myself. In this way, I leave behind my corpse as part of the landscape where the parameters of the photo show. Fortunately, my friends and I took a trip up to Big Bear over the weekend so I decided to take advantage and take a photo of myself on a landscape new and unique to Los Angeles residents – snow – instead of any other boring old landscape I see everyday. I got to mess around and play in snow but I would never have guessed I would face my end on it as well.

This photo was a very fun and interesting experience. I normally do not like to lie on and cover my clothing in snow but I made an exception for this activity. Additionally, I must give credit to my friend Raymond for helping me out and taking the picture. Aside from that, I can easily justify why I would prefer setting my death scene on a landscape such as snow over any other landscape. I have always imagined my life to be different than those of others. At least, I hope my life will be an extraordinary one and not one that will turn out to be average and conform to others. That is why I thought snow would be the perfect setting. Even in death, I wish to be in a different and rare circumstance that separates me from others, or at least the majority. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the activity.


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