Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Matt Cruz


I interviewed my fellow classmate Matt Cruz for my eighth week’s classmate interview in art class. He was born and raised in San Francisco prior to moving down here to LA to attend Cal State Long Beach. It was quite unexpected when he told me that he is currently in his senior year of his civil engineering major because I thought he was younger than that. Aside from academic details, his hobbies are quite similar to mine as he enjoys working out and hanging out with friends. Additionally, he enjoys playing video games such as World of Warcraft which is another aspect I found similar between us, except I like to play League of Legends. It’s always nice to find someone who I can relate to and in this case, it was our mutual interest in video games.

There seemed to be a lot about Matt that I did not expect. When asked about his future career plans, he cleverly stated that he “just wants to make some money”. He does have professional experience in construction management because he was involved in a couple of projects by providing oversight a couple years back. This seemed very intimidating to me because of how intricate managing construction projects sounded to me and that he has legitimate experience in that area. Regarding exposure to art, Matt has drawn and doodled a lot when he was young so art does not seem to be a stranger to him. Not surprisingly, he has played lots of video games when he was young as well so he felt that it was a big influence on him and his thoughts towards visual arts. Matt also stated that “architecture is sexy” and likes straight lines which I can draw a connection to earlier regarding his experience in construction. Lastly, this art class is a requirement for him before he can graduate but enjoys this class due to how unorthodox it is and all the talking involved instead of the traditional lecture setting.


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