Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach


For this week’s classmate interview, I interviewed Hayden Leach. I was pleased to find that he is from Irvine which is quite nearby and is a place I am familiar with. It is always nice to find someone from an area close by. Hayden went to Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach. He and his family moved there from Irvine before he attended high school so that he could pursue his sport of water polo. It was very interesting to me to find someone who enjoys partaking in water polo, a sport I do not hear a lot about of. It felt very special to talk to someone with such a unique hobby such as water polo. Hayden has played water polo here in CSULB but quit after three concussions in sophomore year alone. He is currently an American Studies major in his junior year credit-wise but is actually a fourth year because he took a year off from school due to all the concussions he received.

Hayden’s hobbies were as unique as him. He enjoys to skateboard just like me but additionally, he also likes to bodyboard (which I later found out from him was a type of surfing) and tie-dye almost anything ranging from clothing to bedsheets and even tapestry. I was very interested to find out what his aspirations were because he seemed like a person who knew very well what he wanted in life but was surprised to find that he doesn’t know what he was going to do. He stated that he didn’t “want a timeline in his life” and I thought that was an awesome thought. A life of spontaneity would seem endlessly interesting. Though Hayden stated that he has no idea what he will do in life, he knows that he will enjoy it. However, he adamantly stated that he will eventually be a teacher at some point in his life. I was relieved that he at least had a goal for himself later on. Hayden has always liked to draw but never thought he was good at it. He has gotten more into it since college started due to some influence from friends. Lastly, he took this art class because he needed credits but still thinks the class is fun. Hayden likes how the class allows us to meet new people and enjoys the non-lecture style.


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