Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice


The art activity for my tenth week of art class sure hit me as a big surprise. There was no set or established activity. No instruction, no guidelines, no rules, all us. I did not know where to begin as art is such a broad subject until a friend of mine suggested that I relate it to myself. It was a start so I was able to come up with something. That is why for my student choice art activity, I have made with my best artistic efforts a two-dimensional cardboard paper cut-out representation of me. This activity allowed me to get to know myself a little bit better as I brainstormed on how to undertake the project. Nonetheless, it was a great idea to allow us to explore art for ourselves and in our own way and pace. It was a lot of fun and greatly amusing. I believe I did a pretty good job but I’ll let others be the judge of that.

Given a choice to do anything artistic I wished, I hoped not to be generic in any way. I did not want to do any art I consider “traditional art”, such as drawing or painting, because of how common that is and how horrible I am at it. That is partly how I was able to conceive my current idea photographed above. Firstly, I traced and cut out the base outline of a person’s shape out of a piece of cardboard paper. I then followed that up with a cut-out of a blue jacket of mine that I like and usually wear out of blue cardboard paper and outlined the sides and detailed it with a black Sharpie pen. I also love to wear black jeans almost everyday so I cut that out of regular paper and colored it in also with the black Sharpie. Additionally, I was able to exercise my creativity by adding white shoelace strands to stand in for the strings in the hoodie. The facial features were drawn in with said Sharpie as well as the paper cut-out of my black hair. Last but not least, a small feature I added was the iPod I’m holding on my right hand. This serves to describe me a little bit by representing my love for listening to music. After all, I believe music is a form of art as well and I enjoy it immensely.


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