Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl


My tenth week’s artist interview for my art class was of the artist Dawn Ertl. I was able to quickly conclude on how different and amazing her works were compared to those of past artists as soon as I walked into her art exhibit and saw a huge network of hanging fabrics. She states that she puts music in all her art pieces (in the case above, the song used was “Wait” by M83), making her works as unique as her name. This is a feat I have yet to understand and comprehend. Or maybe I can’t because it is her very own interpretation. Only later did I notice that there were quite a few plastic bags interwoven into the masterpiece as well. This is because Dawn worked on environmental issues 6 to 7 years ago prior to beginning her works on art. She took up art on the suggestion of one of her friends and so the plastic bags in the art piece can serve as a representation of the fusion she has created between her past environmental works and art.

The patterns of the art piece in the picture above are said to be based on music notations in the M83 song, leaving me to try my best to interpret it. Dawn stated that the piece took 6 months which seemed very plausible for such a huge project. Furthermore, her entire exhibit on display took a total of about a year to complete. Regarding the colors, Dawn stated that she dyed them herself and aimed for contrasting colors that still went well together. Additionally, she looks at the plastic bags woven into the art piece in a poetic way. Upon further clarification, she means that the plastic bags are poetic in the way that they fly around and drift in the air until falling down or getting caught on something. I believe she thinks this way because its fate is very unpredictable and left to the forces of nature. This exhibit served as Dawn’s thesis and is probably her very last show here.


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