Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Richard Truong


For my tenth week’s art class classmate interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Truong. I was very happy to find that he is a freshman and majoring in Business: Accounting. That is very similar to my major which is Business: Finance so it was very nice to finally meet a fellow business major student, which surprisingly seems to me like a dying breed. Most of what I see nowadays are engineering, medical, and science majors so finding a business major student was sure something to get excited about. Interestingly, he and I both share a major similarity in that we’re both not too interested with science or medical topics. Only a select few of such topics can intrigue me but the subjects as a whole are quite boring to me.

Richard resides nearby in Cerritos so he is able to commute to school in around 15 minutes. Otherwise, he would have dormed on-campus just like me currently. As for his hobbies, Richard is thinking about getting back into the martial art sport of judo. That made me think about how I always wanted to learn some self-defense techniques but never actually got around to it. Additionally, Richard stated that he would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle, to which I immediately responded by remarking how cool yet dangerous that can be. Richard aspires to do something related to public accounting in the future but is unsure on what his exact path is. Regarding his exposure to art, Richard has not done too much art when young or even currently because there isn’t much interest in the subject. However, that does not stop him from wishing to get in touch with his artistic side through this class. Though he took this class due to GE requirements, Richard still likes the class because it is relaxing and “chill”.


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