Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia


The artist I interviewed for my eleventh week’s art class artist interview was Gabriel Garcia. His works on display in his exhibit named Toxic Masculinity packed a strong message about various issues prevalent in modern society. The art presented was surely a different and an apparently darker approach to art but I feel its importance nonetheless. They deal with sensitive issues such as emasculation, sexism, sexuality, violence, etc. Each of his art works had different meanings and expressions that he wished to convey to the audience to evoke a strong impression and regard to the subject. Furthermore, they can also be based on significant or interesting events that he has experienced personally and felt the need to share or bring attention to. This gives me the feeling that Gabriel’s art pieces can all individually serve as a critique to a problem in the world.

Gabriel began work on all of his art pieces in the exhibit back in January so it took around 3 months to complete. Based on my past knowledge and experiences, that is considered a very short and quick amount of time to put together a whole exhibit as previous artists usually took more time on their works. Regardless, the quality of the art is right on par with that of previous artists. For his pieces, Gabriel uses charcoal grounds with graphite and ink on top with some erasures. Additionally, he employed the use of gray-scale to have a “psychological voice” and to slow down the pace with which we view the art. I believe this is also to create the gloomy and dark atmosphere and emotions that the art works are meant to express about the sensitive subjects they address. Another interesting point is that the pictures on each wall are connected with and relate to each other. Though they may look scattered, this is not the case. This is because the pictures are associated with various ideas, news events, and personal ideas and concepts as well.


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