Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Zhen Su


For my classmate interview of my eleventh week of art class, I had the pleasure of interviewing Zhen Su who is a second year film major. He picked this major because he loves to produce short movies and digital works. However, we also found similar interests in our culture and heritage as we are both of Chinese ethnicity. Zhen is from Qingdao, China and much to my surprise, he is 27 years old. He looked young in person and I thought he was around my age. Zhen immigrated to the United States about three years ago to study but is not a transfer student. When asked about how he likes it here compared to China, Zhen stated that he enjoys it here and that it was quite a change-up from living in China. Furthermore, I learned that he is currently residing in a apartment near the Cal State Long Beach campus.

Zhen is a interesting guy who was full of surprises and a variety of interests. Since the mere age of six, he has begun tutelage in performing arts such as dance. Zhen even went as far as attending dance school in Beijing at the age of ten and theater school at the age of eighteen for formal training. Additionally, Zhen has also been drawing a little bit since childhood. This information struck me as thinking that Zhen is a very cultured person. His various hobbies range from playing video and computer games (just like me) and watching soccer, with his favorite team being FC Barcelona. This team contained many worldwide famous players that even I was able to recognize and led me to easily understand why that team was his favorite. Moreover, Zhen also tried and enjoyed surfing, something I have always longed to try as well. Zhen takes this art class because it is mandatory to him but he does think the class is cool. He enjoys how fun the class can be as we are all able to view art and meet new people.


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