Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe


My twelfth artist interview of the artist Ashley Sharpe for my art class was surely one to remember. It was about her exhibit that was as unique as it was cute. That is because the exhibit, called Meow, is about cats as it was filled with abstract portraits of various different cats in all sorts of colors. To me, it was almost some sort of shrine or dedication to her fondness of the furry little feline creatures. When asked about the matter, Ashley stated that her exhibit is meant to be some sort of “altar” and/or spiritual fantasy world for honoring all cats around the world, whether alive or passed away. It is also used to express her “quirky spirit” and “playful personality” to her audience.

Ashley is from Palm Springs, CA, a place I have been to before myself, and has lived there her entire life before moving to LA to attend Cal State Long Beach. She stated that her hometown was very art-based as it had many art galleries and museums. I believe this had quite a lot of influence on her decision to pursue a career in art. The works on display in the exhibit range from taking one night to a few weeks to complete. Furthermore, I was very surprised when Ashley stated that most of that time is spent on planning and not actually on the work. Her art pieces revolve around a process called printmaking. This is a very versatile process because Ashley said that it allows her to easily choose her approach to an art piece based on what results she wants. This is evident from her works on display that resulted from a variety of printmaking processes such as lithographs, etchings, mono-prints, or screen-printing. Ashley further said that screen-printing is her favorite one because it is the quickest and simplest one. In the end, I was able to learn many new things about printmaking and enjoy some very amazing art.


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