Wk 12 – EC Feedback

3 MOST favorite activities:

1) Student Choice         – I liked this activity because it allowed us freedom to explore and experiment our own activities without any preset rules or requirements.

2) Portrait Photography – I liked this activity because it was relatively simple yet very meaningful for us to be creative in how we create a setting for the activity.

3) The Mina Show         – I liked this activity because it was very different by how it pushed us to get out and get to know ourselves better by pushing our comfort zones just a little bit.

3 LEAST favorite activities:

I would just like to note that I believe all of the activities were creative and meaningful in their own respective ways. However, if I had to choose three least favorites, then here they are.

1) Instagram         – I disliked this activity because it was not really related to art and as easy as it was, it still required me to make an Instagram account.

2) Graffiti Writing  – I believe this activity was quite inconvenient because of the requirement for me to purchase spray paint and find a suitable location to simply do and document the activity.

3) Plaster Casting – I thought this activity was far too complicated compared to previous ones and was above the par of the other activities regarding the amount of effort needed.

Further feedback:

I think that the websites and conversations are a nice touch to the class. Our own websites are simple platforms for us to do our work on and the conversations give us a chance to meet new people and make friends.


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