Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Jacob MacMaster


For my thirteenth week of art class, I interviewed my fellow classmate Jacob MacMaster for my student interview. I couldn’t help but compliment him on how cool his last name was right as he said it. Jacob is from Fresno, CA and attended Clovis East High School. He is a fifth year here at Cal State Long Beach, to which he referred to himself as a “super senior”, and is majoring in biology. To my surprise, however, Jacob later stated that he aspires to be a dentist in the future as his career, which is very different and unexpected given the fact that he is studying biology. This showed me how varying and interesting someones’ interests can range from. In doing so, Jacob is planning on going through four more years of dentistry school. If that doesn’t work out, he will go to PA (physician assistant) school.

Jacob truly did have a wide range of interests. As for his hobbies, he quickly stated without hesitation that his absolute most favorite thing to do is snowboarding. I could feel his passion for the hobby pouring out right as he said it. One of his favorite spots to snowboard at is Snow Summit at Big Bear. However, Jacob has expressed concern and disappointment at how far and expensive snowboarding can be, presenting some challenging obstacles to his passionate hobby. This does not seem to deter him from going most years nonetheless. Another favorite hobby of his is video gaming, much like me as I have mentioned countless times before. Jacob loves games on the console and computer such as Battlefield 4. Regarding art, Jacob has not done much art since childhood but does enjoy the art class. He thinks it is very cool how we are able to meet new people.


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