Wk 14 – Classmate Interview – Edgar Bueno


This week for my classmate interview in my art class, I interviewed Edgar Bueno. He resides in the nearby city of Bellflower and graduated from Bellflower High School. Here at Cal State Long Beach, Edgar is a sociology major in his first year and is also taking prerequisite classes in preparation for his future plan of attending dentist school. I couldn’t help but think to myself about how much schooling he has ahead of him and wished him the best of luck. This also intrigued me further because my classmate that I interviewed last week, Jacob, also had plans to be a dentist as his career in the future. It has truly made me realize the extent of dentistry’s popularity.

Edgar’s interests weren’t numerous, but he was very passionate about them nonetheless. His favorite hobbies are soccer and video games, specifically FIFA (a video game franchise on the sport of soccer). I could tell right away that soccer was a big part of his life and that he loved it very much. Additionally, Edgar also likes to play basketball occasionally but soccer is his main sport. As for his future career, Edgar aspires to be a dentist with his own dentistry office business. This was surprising to me because of how big of a difference that was from the sociology major that he is currently studying in. Regardless, Edgar plans to do so in the hopes of achieving an early retirement. That is quite a bold and ambitious plan but I believe he can do it. Edgar did not like art when he was young but now can admire and appreciate its beauty. He doesn’t do any art himself, though. Edgar also likes and enjoys the art class and thinks it is different.


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