Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Nathan Lewis


This last artist interview of the artist Nathan Lewis for my fifteenth week of art class was not an interview at all. This is because the artist himself was not present at the gallery and only left his works to display for us all to enjoy alongside the works of all the other art students also on display in the gallery. This is the first time this has happened where I conducted an “interview” solely based on an artist’s work and not the artist him/herself. It was all new and unique to me but I thought it was a nice twist to change things up since this is the very last interview before the semester’s end.

Out of all the art pieces by numerous artists on display in the gallery, there was a specific reason why I had to chose this one. That is because Nathan’s art used skateboard decks as its canvas and one of my favorite hobbies is skateboarding! This exhibit caught my eye right away and right then I knew I had to write my post about this more than all else. It was very interesting to see art’s influence reach as far as to include skateboarding and the fact that the decks were used was a very nice touch. This appealed to me the most in all of the gallery because of the sort of connection I share with Lewis’s work, especially since I carry around my skateboard all day and ride it to quickly get around. The graphics were just as intriguing. Each deck had a full-size portrait of a person of some mystical origin. Every one of them was full of detail with vivid colors.


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