Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Julian Pineda


This will be the last set of interviews as it marks the end of the semester and with finals week coming up next week. For my very last classmate interview on the fifteenth week of art class, I had the pleasure of talking with Julian Pineda. He was very fun and easy to converse with. Julian is from Lake Elsinore, CA, a place I have heard of and possibly visited before (if i remember correctly), and graduated from Lakeside High School. I thought it was very cool the fact that he said the high school was right across the street from the lake. I could easily imagine him and his friends just conveniently going for a swim at the lake whenever they wished. Julian is currently studying here at Cal State Long Beach as a first year criminal justice major. That was another interesting fact I found out about him as criminal justice seems to be quite a unique major. I don’t hear about or find a lot of people with that major.

Julian is a person with a wide range of interests. His hobbies include a lot of sports of all kinds, reading, video games, and he sometimes draws. I found it especially interesting how he said that he takes part in many different types of sports instead of only one or a few like most people. Julian likes to diversify his athletics on a large variety. That showed me how different he can be from others, but in a cool way. Julian aspires to be an FBI agent, which is no surprise considering the major he is pursuing. Specifically, he would like to be an agent in either intelligence or in the field. However, he told me that he had different plans for himself when he was younger. Previously, Julian wanted to work in NASA and maybe even wanted to be an astronaut and planned on being an aerospace major in order to do so. Regarding his exposure to art, Julian took drawing classes when he was thirteen years old and still occasionally draws in his spare time. He also thinks this class is “all over the place” but still thinks it is fun and can appreciate it.


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