Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Leah Bloomfield


For my fellow classmate interview of my twelfth week of art class, I had the pleasure of interviewing a cheerful lady named Leah Bloomfield. I learned that she lives in Lakewood which is fairly nearby to the school and that she graduated from Lakewood High School. Because of this, she has a short commute of only 10 minutes to and from campus to her house. Upon further conversation, I found out that Leah is a 4th year health science major, a major that she enjoys greatly. She later clarified to me exactly what the major was and I learned that health science does not exactly pertain to healthcare itself, but instead concerned the science, technology, and engineering aspect of healthcare delivery. I found that very interesting and was grateful to have learned something new.

Leah had a wide range of interests. Regarding her health-related major, Leah further aspires to go to medical school in the hopes of becoming a doctor. She even clarified that as a doctor, she specifically wanted to be a anesthesiologist. I was surprised on how specific she planned out her future and how she knew exactly what she wanted to be. Her goals were very clear. Leah’s hobbies included soccer, swimming, and maintaining an online health food blog, a hobby I thought was very unique because I have never heard of that before. As for art, she also liked to paint since she was a child. Leah gained artistic inspiration and further exposure when she went to many art museums in Europe around two years ago. About the art class, Leah stated that she took it because she needed an elective and because a friend was taking it too. Regardless, she enjoys the class as well.


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